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Based on a music theory of TSUTSUMI METHOD, I detonate a nerve cell by contact.
I raise human culture (talent) and stimulate sight, hearing, the sense of touch, memory, reproduction, and it is a program to let you activate.

We use Educational Kinesiology to enhance experience of brain learning.

There are innumerable things such as the box
they recognize a sound in the brain cell,
and to memorize, and it is it with human talent, and an outcome,
the example of the one talk about the words
of the country by nature, and all of the boxes learns a custom.
Including a natural sound, a human voice, a piano,
everything about the sound such as the sound of
the musical instrument, the voice of the animal,
the voice of the bird, the voice of the insect, a train, a car
is memorized in a sound perception map.
There is much degree memorized in a layer of the memory,
so that there is much degree of the sound to give
neuron (a nerve cell) stimulation.

脳細胞の中には、音を認知して記憶する箱のようなものが無数にあり、その箱のすべてが人間の才能となって表れます。一つの例が、生まれながらにしてその国の言葉を話し、習慣を学ぶこと。自然の音、人間の声、ピアノをはじめ、楽器の音、動物の声、鳥の声、虫の声、電車、車など、音に関するすべてのものが音声知覚マップの中に記憶されるのです。 ニューロン(神経細胞)に刺激を与える音の度合が多い程、記憶のレイヤーに記憶される度合も多くなります。