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to newborn from birth-fetal Fetus will be newborn facing a birth soon.

The growth in the mechanism which does not change with postnatal basically from birth before, the brain will continue to ring the current function.
In other words, functional expression and brain development is mean that the essentially continuous through infancy from fetal life, this has important implications when you have problems of ontogeny of consciousness.
Life of the fetus is literally transformed by the birth, given a new world filled with diversity newborn along with it, any sense of visual, auditory, tactile, etc. will cause a new experience there.
The occurrence of the richest experience in the early stages it would be hearing. It sounds a little different with the voice and the voice of the mother who had heard among the mother, sounds conveyed in the air but still baby will be able to more hear the voice of the mother it.
By that to experience a variety of in the belly of the mother, it is appears as a talent of the child.
It is not all, what many of time that you experience at heart is, or would not be gratuitous talented your child geek is said in the world?


初期に最も豊かな体験を生じるのは聴覚でしょう。母体の中で聞こえていた母親の声と、空気中を伝わって聞こえる声と少し違って聞えますが、それでも赤ん坊はそれを母親の声であると聞きわけることができます。母親のお腹の中でのさまざまな体験をすることにより、それが子供の才能となって 現れるのです。母親のお腹の中で体験した時間の多いものがすべてではありませんが、世間でいわれている子供の才能の謂れではないでしょうか。

The things next to the healthy development of the baby Feel of the breast of the mother, first movement.

Voice of the mother gently cradling, the second is the voice that had been obedient than when were in the stomach already baby it.
It may be said that baby has been proven in practice also to recognize the voice of the mother in a few days, and there is no doubt that vocal learning in the womb is the case even when viewed from this.
The third element is the gentle caress of the mother, is the physical contact of mother and baby.
The fourth is a mother's face that caught visually, baby will recognize the expression that comes to there face and mother very early.
You must learn a lot of things, but baby newborn is recognized in the world that can be captured visually, what a space relationship thing.
Baby will learn by hand first recognition of this kind.
During the few weeks since birth, that you are paying attention to that while moving his hand, to follow in the eye it is often baby, but due to this, baby spatial hand captured by visual I also learn that you learn to recognize that from the positional relationship, that it's running, and to recognize the positional relationship between the hand and their object is within easy reach further.
And the operation of the hand thing with the smooth development even awkwardly at first.
It becomes, baby will look like grasp things by moving hand in hand quite if five months.
In other words, it is possible to wear the perfect pitch naturally if (memory-reproduction) thorough imprinting of perfect pitch - sound (do-re-mi scale) waiting for this moment.