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Concept of artwork /アートワークコンセプト

Tsutsumi Method was developed with the aim to enjoy the do-re-mi And each "Do, Re, Mi, fa, Sol, La, Si" to By arranging the seven colors "red, orange, yellow, green, sky blue, blue, pink" of It is a music education method of making play the piano easily. In TECGENIUS, the art work to be able to enjoy familiar with music in everyday life, I have proposed as a work using symbols and notes that are color scheme in seven colors. I hope and if you can be happy you can decorate and put on the forehead, or by gift to loved ones.

ドレミを楽しむことを目的に開発されたTsutsumi Methodは、「ド、レ、ミ、ファ、ソ、ラ、シ」にそれぞれ「赤色、橙色、黄色、緑色、空色、青色、桃色」の7色を配することで、簡単にピアノが弾けるようになる音楽教育メソッドです。

Engraving service /名入れサービス

The original design picture and such like words and name of an important person You can put a message.


What's Engraving Servise?

Introduction of Original Artwork /個性豊かな作品のご紹介

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